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We can customize any seal to your liking. You'll get clean, crisp impressions every time you use your Ultimark pre-inked stamp. After thousands of impressions, just re-ink your stamp for thousands more. Shop for a Ultimark pre-inked notary stamp.
$11.95 - $17.95

Ultimark Stamp Ultimark 45R Traveler 80

The IDEAL self-inking stamps work as great as they look. Just one impression and you will appreciate their ergonomic shape and heavy-duty construction.Shop for a IDEAL self-inking notary stamp, replacement ink and pads or IDEAL notary embosser. $8.95 - $28.95

IDEAL 100 IDEAL Heavy Duty IDEAL 400R Round IDEAL Ink
IDEAL Embossers $28.95 - $36.95
Pocket Seal
| Desk Seal | Cast Desk Seal | Embosser Inker

Cast Desk Embosser
Desk Embosser Pocket Embosser

SLIM Stamps | Re-Ink MaxLight
$19.95 and lower


Inkless Thumbprint Pads

Notary Admin Stamps
$8.95 - $24.95
Acknowledgment Stamp
Venue Stamp
2008 California Jurat Stamp

2008 California Acknowledgment Stamp
Stock Stamps

California, Oregon and North Dakota notaries: You must mail your original certificate of authorization or appointment (to goMobileNotary, 1600 Golden Gate Ave # 25, San Francisco, CA 94115) before we can ship your notary stamp. California manufacturing authorization # GMN1.

Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wisconsin:
Order your stamp, then fax or send a copy of your "Commission Certificate" within 30 days.

All other notaries: You must send a copy of your Notary Commission Certificate or Letter of Appointment to fax 1-800-773-6518 or mail:
1600 Golden Gate Ave # 25
San Francisco, CA 94115

Unless requested, only the information required by your state will appear on the notary seal. (submit a special request)

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